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For best results Uricel™ should be taken for 28+ days. Uricel™ may also be taken safely to maintain healthy uric acid levels.

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What exactly does Uricel™ do to help my high Uric Acid levels?


Uricel™ has powerful, fast-acting, pain-relieving agents to help with immediate joint discomfort caused by high uric acid.


Is Uricel™ safe?


Uricel™ was designed by top holistic health care researchers. It is meticulously sourced and manufactured with strict standards so as to guarantee potency and purity; however it is always important to consult your physician when making changes in your diet or supplement regimen.


Are their negative side effects to Uricel™?


Our customers have not reported any negative side-effects while taking Uricel™. However, is it always important to consult a physician before undergoing any new health regimen.


How long should I take Uricel™?


It is recommended that an individual undergo a minimum of 30-60 days in order to ensure a thorough cleanse of Uric Acid.  This is because, if not entirely cleansed, any left over Uric Acid crystals in joints can eventually snowball and lead to another attack months down the road.

How do I take Uricel™?


  1. Take 1/4 teaspoon (1.23 ml) 1 - 3 times a day or as needed. Mix with water or take straight from spoon. Do not mix with soda.
  2. Keep your daily water intake very high and let Uricel™ do what it was designed to do!
  3. The user should begin to feel pain relief immediately and reduced swelling. (Results may vary*)


How is Uricel™ made?


Uricel™ is made by meticulously sourcing in importing only the finest natively grown ingredients. It is then processed into extract form under strict GMP (Good manufacturing Practices) guidelines in an FDA inspected manufacturing facility. The substances are rigorously checked to guarantee purity, and potency.


» View Uricel'sPowerful IngredientsUricel's Proprietary IngredientsLearn the All-Natural ingredients in Uricel that can provide Dramatic Results...Formulated in a FDA Registered Facility. Made in the USA. Gluten Free.One of the richest sources of anthocyanins, Tart Cherries have been scientifically shown to dramatically lower Uric Acid and fight Gout attacks. One study followed 633 Gout patients for a year and showed that those who consumed Tart Cherries over any two-day period had a 35% lowered risk of Gout attack.* Those are exceptional results, especially considering that this study only looked at people eating ½ a cup (about 10-12 cherries) and NOT people taking powerful extracts like Uricel which can contain the equivalent of hundreds of cherries in each dose!* This study also confirmed that more cherries were definitely better. Patients who had consumed 3 times this many cherries had a 50% reduction in risk. Basically, Tart Cherries work for extremely well for those who suffer from gout, and more is better!*TART CHERRY - INGREDIENT #1Celery Seeds contain powerful pain-relieving and inflammation fighting Phthalides such as 3-n-butyl Phthalide (3nB). In one study, patients suffering from arthritis (remember Gout is simply a form of arthritis) took 34 mg of Celery Seed extract twice daily. The average patient reported a whopping 68% pain reduction! And, just like Tart Cherry, it seems that more Celery Seed is better.* Patients who received 75mg of Celery Seed twice daily reported even greater pain relief than those taking 34mg! Celery Seed is a potent pain and inflammation fighter which could directly help ease Gout discomfort and that’s why it is included in a pure and potent form in the Uricel formula.*CELERY SEED - INGREDIENT #2Contained in the spice Circumin, Turmeric is used as a powerful pain and inflammation fighter that has the added benefit of directly lowering Uric Acid. It is so effective at relieving pain in fact, that one study has shown that 2 grams of Circumin are AS EFFECTIVE as over the counter pain relievers, but without side effects!* Turmeric also may interfere with the activity of xanthine oxidase (an enzyme involved in the production of Uric Acid.) Not only can Turmeric provide inflammation and pain relief, but it can directly inhibit the production of Uric Acid which is ideal for those looking to remedy Gout.*TURMERIC ROOT - INGREDIENT #3Yucca Root contains an active compound called steroidal Saponin which has been used to assist in reducing  pain and inflammation.* Yucca root (when prepared properly as in Uricel) has been shown to interrupt the body’s inflammation response allowing pain and swelling in the affected joint to melt away.* Yucca Root can prevent the body from causing more pain and inflammation even if it wants to.*YUCCA ROOT - INGREDIENT #4A well studied pain and inflammation fighter Devil's Claw is thought to reduce pain much the way prescription Cox-2 inhibitors such as Vioxx® work.* Devil's Claw can prevent pain and inflammation in the body before it starts. This is a substance you do not want to miss out on when suffering from a Gout attack.*DEVIL'S CLAW - INGREDIENT #5Chanca Piedra which means “Stone-Breaker” in Spanish has been used for thousands of years to clear gallstones and kidney stones, but has recently been discovered that it may help clear Uric Acid crystal formations which cause Gout pain and swelling.* Chanca could soften and dissolve Uric Acid crystals in the Gouty joints reducing pain and increasing healing.* Chanca Piedra also has been shown to increase urine production and helps the kidneys work so more Uric Acid can be excreted from the body faster. With many of the other substances working to lower and break down Uric Acid it is good to have a strong diuretic to get it out of the body.*CHANCA PIEDRA - INGREDIENT #6By clicking "GET FAST RELIEF" you are making a great decision by eliminating Gout the Natural way. Select Your Treatment On The Following Page »Relief at your doorstep in 1-3 days4.3 out of 5 stars 82+ Reviews


How do I order Uricel™?


Click here to order Uricel™ through our website or call (949) 220-0362 any time and one of our staff will be happy to assist you. Your personal information will never be shared.


Uricel™ is not sold in stores.

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